So It Begins

This blog is dedicated to an item on my bucket list: to visit every winery in Virginia. 

I, like a lot of people, enjoy a good glass of wine. I enjoy traveling. And I live in Virginia. Combine those three and you have the makings of this blog and my goal.

If, like me, your first thought is “how long will this take?”, I have a completely uninspiring answer: it depends. As of today, there are about 250 wineries in Virginia. With an aggressive schedule averaging 1 winery a week (unlikely), and assuming an even distribution (50 per year), it would take just about 5 years. That being said, I probably won’t be able to hit an average of 1 winery a week…hence the “it depends”. Whether it takes 5 years, or 15, I am dedicated to seeing this through to the end. 

One final note. I am not a wine expert. I have no formal training in oenology. And I probably couldn’t tell you the difference between some varietals in a blind taste test. That being said, the vast majority of wine drinkers aren’t experts either. This blog and its content is geared toward those who want some insight into the winery as a whole. It’s story. It’s venue. It’s services. And, of course, it’s wine.



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1 Response to So It Begins

  1. Ann Burton says:

    My goal is also to visit every winery in Virginia. Three weeks ago I went to Lake Anna Winery for the first time. I agree the staff was very friendly, however, I found the wines to be average at best. I have thus far found three wineries in Virginia that I have liked every wine. No small feat.

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