The Winery at LaGrange

IMG_3651Yesterday I got to visit The Winery at LaGrange for the second time. The only other time I had been was several months ago, early spring, and I wanted a fresh perspective from which to write an article. Yesterday happened to be a wine club event, so it was good to be able to see how much the winery takes care of its wine club members-more tasting stations than I could count, live music, and food trucks! I have to admit, this is the first time I have seen food trucks at a winery. It is a very neat concept especially for those wineries that want to offer more food options without having to bring them in-house.10606401_718634751517671_6315705067387410514_n

As a quick note, I attended LaGrange because my fiance, Katie was volunteering for a local nonprofit therapeutic riding program in Clifton-the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program. NVTRP was graciously allowed to set up a booth next to the wine club check-in tent where they had a miniature horse, Stormy (pictured with Katie). It is always good to see local businesses partnering with local nonprofits.

What I really enjoyed about this winery was the location (tucked back off I-66 outside Haymarket) and the tasting. For $13 you get a full tasting of 10 wines and a keepsake glass. That is a pretty good deal. On Saturday, I did a full tasting and enjoyed most of the wines. I am not a huge fan of whites in general, or roses for that matter, but there weren’t any wines that I could say anything negative about and I was pleasantly surprised with the rose (Haven’t figure out to type an E with an accent on the Mac just yet).

LaGrange has paid homage to the local Civil War heritage, as have some other wineries, by producing a bottle commemorating the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States. The General’s Battlefield Red has been aged in oak barrel made with wood from Manassas battlefield; a neat story at least. They describe it as a port style and it was a bit heavy for my preference, but I was very appreciative of their use of local history in making it.

IMG_3670As you can see from my uber-sophisticated tasting notes, I enjoyed the 2011 Fletcher’s Chardonnay, the 2012 Meritage, and the 2012 Cab Franc Reserve. I ended up getting a glass of the 2012 Cab Franc Reserve because the nose was very pleasant. To be exact, when I first picked up the glass, the nose reminded me of Christmas (is that weird?). I could not help but be reminded of that cinnamon apple smell with which many grandmothers inundate their homes. Either way, it was a pleasant experience.

Honestly, I was torn between the ’12 Cab Franc Reserve and the ’12 Meritage which they describe with words such as “cherry”, “red delicious apple”, “baking spices”, “tobacco leaf”, and “Thanksgiving in a glass”. Needless to say, the holidays were on my mind all that afternoon!IMG_3647

I need to give a brief shout-out to the person who ran my tasting, Clyde, who was very engaging and knew a lot about the wines and the property.

You can see their full wine list here.

I had a great time at this award winning winery and I’ll definitely stop back by next time I’m in the area.

Find The Winery at LaGrange on Facebook and Twitter.

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